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Stay in control of childcare, wherever you are, with peace of mind

Nula connects parents and sitters in a simple, intuitive interface

For worry-free childcare management, Nula incorporates a suite of features like task lists, in-app photos and chat, realtime location tracking, and payment calculations

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For parents: next level of security and trust*

  • Single app for childcare management, from scheduling to payment
  • Real-time GPS tracking and communications
  • Task management and progress tracking
  • Ease of payment with built-in calculations
  • Network of recommended sitters (coming soon)

* Leaving more time for what’s important

For sitters: greater efficiency and responsiveness*

  • Transparent, two-way communication with parents
  • Appointment scheduling and management
  • Tasks, photos, chats all in a single app
  • Ease of receiving payments with built-in calculations
  • Client references and data-driven performance ranking (coming soon)

Childcare is complex. Nula is straightforward.

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